Dear Air Asia,

Dear Air Asia & Tony,

Since when did we send messages of love and encouragement to Air Asia? 

Why would we send you any such messages when we have sworn off flying with Air Asia for good? 

Tony, you must be delusional.

Just for your info, since last year for our annual festive break, we have started flying with MAS again and decided against using Air Asia come hell or high water. Even when MAS flights were fully booked we opted for Malindo instead. 

And guess what??? 

Both those other airlines give way better services. Their customer service staff are easily contactable, responsive and do not give us heart attack moments like what AA did. You made us wait anxiously for a reply to an urgent query through your supposedly convenient online chat. It seems you have no sense of urgency when it comes to redressing problems faced by your customers. To you, Air Asia, money is everything and everything is about money. If the customers need help and if there's nothing in it (read: money) for you, then your response is, so what?

Back when AA first offered cheap flying services, my family and I never failed to fly with Air Asia, every single year. Its services were affordable and impressive then. Despite frequent flight delays and other inconvenience, we still opted for AA because back then we thought flying with MAS was too expensive.

But over time, Air Asia quickly began to become greedy and greedier followed by a service quality that sucks more and more. It would charge for every single thing even to the point of provoking ridicule, it's plain absurd! First for priority seats, then for any chosen seats. 

Not to mention year after year, AA keeps on increasing the rate of its baggage charge while introducing other ridiculous, hard-to-brain charges. It didn’t even give us, its precious clients, any chance to give feedback regarding the charges before again pops another new charge. AA continues charging whatever and however, it likes. 

The last straw was when AA would reschedule flights at its whims and fancies without any regard for its passengers and which we noticed had quickly become a norm for AA. Its staff didn’t even apologize for such major inconvenience. AA acted so high and mighty as if Air Asia is the only airline that exists in this world.

In short, once AA has tasted success it stops to care for its customers who had been supporting it for all those years. All AA cares about is making money, money, and more money. Such greed, it’s disgusting!

And now we would like to say, Congratulations Air Asia! 

Ever since knowing you have become a greedy monster who is only interested in sucking money out of its customers, we have now ceased to fly Air Asia altogether. Even when MAS was hit by tragedies, twice last year we didn’t care and still opted for MAS. Never again will we fly Air Asia. Ever!

And now, only after a tragedy had struck all of a sudden, you've started to care???

Well, sorry to break the news to you Air Asia but you're just way, way too late.

Due to your arrogance and greed, anything to do with Air Asia is now deemed revolting to us and just so you know, we want nothing to do with Air Asia anymore.

Don’t get us wrong.

We would still pray for the victims of Flight QZ5801 but we’ll never pray for Asia. Oh no, Sir! 

We think you don’t deserve our prayers. As the saying goes Air Asia. You reap what you sow. You get what you give.

Air Asia, you are as bad as Astro. Oh, I forgot! How could you not? 

After all, you do come from the same tree.



Here I go again....

You'd think I'd be immune to it by now. I'm at that point again - a point that keeps recurring as I find myself stuck in that unenviable position.

Even when I refuse to dwell on it, it seems to have a way of worming its way into my head again. Sometimes I am paralyzed with fear. As I do nothing, the anxiety that creeps up on my unconscious thoughts would produce two things - kill the constant urge to create something (anything!) or instantly makes me jump into reckless action.

There are times I wanted to give up. Oh yeah, that I did. Countless times. But soon I would regret it and start all over again.

And here I am. Looks like the cycle is going to return, again. It's suffocating me into inaction. I feel all kinds of stupid whenever it hits me, lulling me into a stupor so that I cease to exist, says me.

While I'm feeling all kinds of stupid and useless I might as well do some chores and run some errands that I normally dodge on the pretext of being what? productive? prolific? Huh! Lame excuse, I know. Lame.

No, it will not make me come undone. It's just a phase. I will not be fazed. Never!

The Dominating Fear

This is what entails when you let the fear of a certain small creature dominate your life:

1. Every little noise strikes fear into your heart. Even the sound of the fridge breathing makes you jump out of your skin in terror while almost giving you a heart attack.

2. You fear to venture into your own kitchen alone without anyone tagging along as your bodyguard - or in this case, a buffer whom you'd most likely push towards the offending creature (on the off chance that it comes out of hiding) as you beat a hasty retreat out of the kitchen.

3. You stopped cooking for as long as you suspect the little creature is still roaming around the kitchen. The image of the ugly furry thing climbing up your leg while you're busy cooking is enough to make you swear off being anywhere near the kitchen, let alone near the stove underneath which you suspect the tiny creature is making itself a nice, cozy home.

4. It becomes an absolute must to store all food and garbage in the fridge. Yes, that includes garbage too. Along with the good food, all to be discarded food shall also take residence in the fridge until the next time you remember to throw them out.

5. You will never ever dare walk into the kitchen barefoot again. No knee-high boots to fend off any attacks - imagined or otherwise? No worries, walking with each leg in a knee-deep bucket will still do the trick.

6. You can't help but make weird loud noises before entering the kitchen - one you hope would scare away the creature into hiding and thus spare you from any unwanted sightings of its ugly furry self.

7. Finally, it gives you a silly excuse to buy a portable electric cooktop.

Tadaa! Cool, huh? Now you can cook wherever and whenever you want: in the tv room while watching some commercials, the dining room just before dinner time or even in your bedroom at midnight - just so long as the cooking is not done in the kitchen.

And what's more? The cooktop doesn't cost a fortune as I initially thought. Nor does it consume as much energy as the conventional oven or rice cooker.

Now, that's saying a lot!

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